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Idaho Water Resource Board Committee Meeting Materials

DateCommitteeMeeting No.LocationMaterials
May 13, 2024Finance3-24Boise / LivestreamAmended Agenda
Meeting Materials
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May 9, 2024Upper Snake River Advisory5-24Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
Meeting Materials
May 6, 2024Water Storage Projects1-24Boise / LivestreamAgenda
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Meeting Materials
April 11, 2024Upper Snake River Advisory4-24Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
Meeting Materials
March 21, 2024Finance2-24Boise / LivestreamAmended Agenda
Meeting Materials
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March 14, 2024Upper Snake River Advisory3-24Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
February 8, 2024Upper Snake River Advisory2-24Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
January 18, 2024Aquifer Stabilization1-24Boise / LivestreamAgenda
Meeting Materials
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January 11, 2024Finance1-24Boise / LivestreamAgenda
Meeting Materials
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January 11, 2024Upper Snake River Advisory1-24Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
December 18, 2023Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-23Boise / LivestreamAgenda
Meeting Materials
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December 18, 2023Water Supply Bank2-23Boise / LivestreamAgenda
Meeting Materials
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December 15, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory9-23Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
November 9, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory8-23Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
November 1, 2023Finance10-23Boise / LivestreamAgenda
Meeting Materials
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October 12, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory7-23Idaho Falls/BoiseAgenda
Meeting Materials
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September 6, 2023Finance9-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2023Cloud Seeding2-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
July 25, 2023Aquifer Stabilization3-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
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July 12, 2023Finance8-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 28, 2023Cloud Seeding1-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 26, 2023Finance7-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
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June 14, 2023Finance6-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Find the VIDEO at our YouTube Channel
Meeting Materials
June 8, 2023Finance5-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
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Meeting Materials
June 8, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory6-23Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 2, 2023Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 2, 2023Finance4-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
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Meeting Materials
May 31, 2023Aquifer Stabilization2-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
May 12, 2023Finance3-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
May 11, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory5-23Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
April 24, 2023Water Supply Bank1-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
April 13, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory4-23Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
March 23, 2023Finance 2-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
March 9, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory3-23Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
March 2, 2023Aquifer Stabilization Committee1-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
February 9, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory2-23Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
January 13, 2023Finance1-23Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
January 12, 2023Upper Snake River Advisory1-23Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
December 8, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory9-22Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
November 10, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory8-22Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
October 20, 2022Finance6-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
October 12, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory7-22Boise/Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
September 8, 2022Aquifer Stabilization3-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
September 8, 2022Finance5-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
August 1, 2022Aquifer Stabilization2-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
July 14, 2022Finance4-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
July 12, 2022Water Supply Bank2-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 13, 2022Water Supply Bank1-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 10, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory6-22Boise/Zoom/Idaho FallsAgenda
May 13, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory5-22Boise/Zoom/Idaho FallsAgenda
May 12, 2022Finance3-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
May 5, 2022Cloud Seeding3-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
April 20, 2022Finance2-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
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April 8, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory4-22Boise/Zoom/Idaho FallsAgenda
March 14, 2022Streamflow Enhancement & Minimum Streamflow1-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
March 11, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory3-22Boise/Zoom/Idaho FallsAgenda
February 24, 2022Cloud Seeding2-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
February 15, 2022Water Supply Management1-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
February 11, 2022Aquifer Stabilization1-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
February 11, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory2-22Idaho Falls/Boise/ZoomAgenda
January 20, 2022Cloud Seeding1-22BoiseAgenda
January 14, 2022Finance1-22Boise/ZoomAgenda
January 14, 2022Upper Snake River Advisory1-22Idaho Falls/Boise/ZoomAgenda
December 10, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory8-21Idaho Falls/ZoomAgenda
November 18, 2021Aquifer Stabilization2-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
November 17, 2021Water Supply Management2-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
November 12, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory7-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
October 29, 2021Water Supply Management1-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
October 19, 2021Finance4-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
October 15, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory6-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
August 27, 2021Aquifer Stabilization1-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
July 7, 2021Finance3-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
July 6, 2021Streamflow Enhancement Minimum Streamflow1-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
June 28, 2021Cloud Seeding2-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
May 12, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory5-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
May 12, 2021Water Storage Projects2-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
May 10, 2021Finance2-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
Meeting Materials
April 7, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory4-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
March 10, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory3-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
March 9, 2021Cloud Seeding1-21Boise/ZoomAgenda
February 25, 2021Financial Committee1-21Boise/Zoom
February 10, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory2-21Boise/Zoom
February 10, 2021Water Storage Projects1-21Boise/Zoom
January 13, 2021Upper Snake River Advisory1-21Boise/Zoom
December 18, 2020Water Supply Bank & Mitigation Bank2-20Boise/Zoom
December 16, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory8-20Boise/Zoom
December 11, 2020Aquifer Stabilization2-20Boise/Zoom
November 10, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory7-20Boise/Zoom
November 5, 2020Water Storage Projects3-20Boise/Zoom
September 30, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory6-20Boise/GoToMeeting
September 9, 2020Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-20Boise/GoToMeeting
September 9, 2020Water Storage Projects2-20Boise/GoToMeeting
July 23, 2020Water Supply Bank & Mitigation Bank1-20Boise/GoToMeeting
July 8, 2020Financial Committee3-20Boise/GoToMeeting
July 8, 2020Water Storage Projects1-20Boise/GoToMeeting
May 19, 2020Aquifer Stabilization1-20GoToMeeting
May 6, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory5-20GoToMeeting
April 23, 2020Financial Committee2-20GoToMeeting
April 8, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory4-20BoiseAgenda
March 19, 2020Financial Committee2-20BoiseCancelled
March 19, 2020Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-20BoiseCancelled
March 18, 2020Cloud Seeding1-20BoiseCancelled
March 18, 2020Water Supply Bank1-20BoiseCancelled
February 19, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory2-20Boise
January 24, 2020Financial Committee1-20Boise
January 15, 2020Upper Snake River Advisory1-20Boise
December 19, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory9-19Boise
December 10, 2019Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-19Boise
November 20, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory8-19Boise
November 13, 2019Joint Aquifer Stabilization & Planning6-19Boise
October 23, 2019Joint Aquifer Stabilization & Planning5-19Boise
October 9, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory7-19Boise
September 18, 2019Joint Aquifer Stabilization & Planning4-19Boise
September 4, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory6-19Boise
July 24, 2019Aquifer Stabilization3-19Rexburg
July 24, 2019Water Storage Projects1-19Rexburg
July 9, 2019Financial Programs2-19Boise
June 26, 2019Aquifer Stabilization2-19Jerome
June 26, 2019Water Resource Planning2-19Jerome
June 14, 2019Water Resource Planning1-19Elmore County
June 5, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory5-19Boise
May 8, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory4-19Boise
April 23, 2019Aquifer Stabilization1-19Jerome
April 23, 2019Financial Programs1-19Jerome
April 12, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory3-19Boise
March 14, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory2-19Boise
February 13, 2019Upper Snake River Advisory1-19Boise
November 27, 2018Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-18Boise
November 20, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory9-18Boise
October 10, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory8-18Boise
September 7, 2018Financial Programs5-18Boise
August 30, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory7-18Boise
July 17, 2018Financial Programs4-18Boise
July 11, 2018Aquifer Stabilization2-18Jerome
June 26, 2018Water Supply Bank1-18Boise
June 6, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory6-18Boise
May 9, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory5-18Boise
April 30, 2018Financial Programs3-18Boise
April 5, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory4-18Boise
March 22, 2018Financial Programs2-18Boise
March 15, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory3-18Boise
March 13, 2018Aquifer Stabilization1-18Jerome
March 13, 2018Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-18Boise
March 13, 2018Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-18Boise
February 14, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory2-18Boise
January 17, 2018Upper Snake River Advisory1-18Boise
January 16, 2018Financial Programs1-18Jerome
November 29, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory8-17Boise
November 7, 2017Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-17Boise
October 11, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory7-17Boise
August 23, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory6-17Boise
June 29, 2017Financial Programs2-17Boise
June 29, 2017Water Supply Bank2-17Boise
June 21, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory5-17Boise
May 16, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory4-17Boise
May 2, 2017Aquifer Stabilization1-17Jerome
May 2, 2017Financial Programs1-17Jerome
April 12, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory3-17Boise
March 22, 2017Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-17Boise
March 14, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory2-17Boise
March 8, 2017Water Resource Planning1-17Boise
February 28, 2017Water Supply Bank1-17Boise
February 10, 2017Upper Snake River Advisory1-17Boise
November 18, 2016Water Storage Projects2-16Boise
November 9, 2016Upper Snake River Advisory5-16Boise
November 1, 2016Water Supply Bank1-16Boise
October 31, 2016Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-16Boise
October 5, 2016Water Resource Planning2-16Boise
September 9, 2016Financial Programs2-16Jerome
September 7, 2016Upper Snake River Advisory4-16Boise
June 28, 2016Aquifer Stabilization3-16Jerome
May 18, 2016Water Storage Projects1-16Boise
May 6, 2016Aquifer Stabilization1-16 (Joint Meeting)Jerome
May 6, 2016Financial Programs1-16 (Joint Meeting)Jerome
April 20, 2016Upper Snake River Advisory3-16Boise
March 16, 2016Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-16Boise
March 16, 2016Water Resource Planning1-16Boise
February 24, 2016Upper Snake River Advisory2-16Boise
January 16, 2016Aquifer Stabilization1-16Boise
January 13, 2016Upper Snake River Advisory1-16Boise
November 16, 2015Aquifer Stabilization3-15Boise
November 16, 2015Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-15Boise
October 23, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory7-15Boise
October 15, 2015Water Resource Planning4-15Boise
September 14, 2015Aquifer Stabilization2-15Jerome
August 21, 2015Water Supply Bank2-15Boise
August 4, 2015Financial Programs2-15Boise
August 4, 2015Water Resource Planning3-15Boise
June 25, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory6-15Boise
June 4, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory5-15Boise
May 20, 2015Water Resource Planning2-15Idaho Falls
April 28, 2015Aquifer Stabilization1-15Burley
April 28, 2015Financial Programs1-15Burley
April 8, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory4-15Boise
March 20, 2015Water Resource Planning1-15Boise
March 13, 2015Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-15Boise
February 25, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory3-15Boise
February 10, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory2-15Boise
January 15, 2015Upper Snake River Advisory1-15Boise
January 7, 2015Water Supply Bank1-15Boise
October 30, 2014Upper Snake River Advisory4-14Boise
October 23, 2014Water Resource Planning5-14Rexburg
October 9, 2014Water Supply Bank2-14Boise
September 23, 2014Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-14Boise
September 11, 2014Water Storage Projects1-14Weiser
August 15, 2014Cloud Seeding1-14Jerome
May 22, 2014Upper Snake River Advisory3-14Boise
May 13, 2014Water Resource Planning4-14Boise
April 15, 2014Water Resource Planning3-14Boise
April 11, 2014Upper Snake River Advisory2-14Boise
March 20, 2014Financial Programs1-14Boise
March 6, 2014Water Supply Bank1-14Boise
February 27, 2014Upper Snake River Advisory1-14Pocatello
February 26, 2014Water Resource Planning2-14Boise
February 7, 2014Water Resource Planning1-14Boise
January 10, 2014Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-14Boise
December 10, 2013Water Resource Planning4-13Boise
November 18, 2013Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow3-13Boise
November 8, 2013Water Resource Planning3-13Boise
October 17, 2013Water Resource Planning2-13Boise
October 10, 2013Upper Snake River Advisory4-13Boise
August 29, 2013Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow2-13Salmon
August 8, 2013Water Storage Projects1-13Rexburg
July 11, 2013Financial Programs1-13Boise
May 8, 2013Water Resource Planning1-13Boise
May 3, 2013Streamflow Enhancement and Minimum Streamflow1-13Boise
April 11, 2013Upper Snake River Advisory3-13Boise
March 20, 2013Water Supply Bank1-13Boise
March 7, 2013Upper Snake River Advisory2-13Boise
January 3, 2013Upper Snake River Advisory1-13Teleconference
November 5, 2012Water Resource Planning8-12Boise
August 20, 2012Water Storage Projects1-12Boise
January 10, 2012Water Supply Bank1-12Boise
December 20, 2011Water Supply Bank1-11Boise
December 5, 2011Water Resource Planning2-11Boise
November 2, 2011Financial Programs1-11Boise
August 19, 2011Water Resource Planning1-11Boise
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