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Water Measurement Research and Maps

Water Diversion Measurement Network

The Water Diversion Measurement Network provides public access to flow measurement data associated with various locations monitored or managed by IDWR. Recorded data can be viewed or downloaded at a variety of time scales ranging from 15-minute averages to annual volumes depending on how the data was collected. Click here to find your location of interest and access the related flow measurement data.

Daily Time Series  (Water District Diversion Database)

View and print data and graphs for points of diversion including daily diversion records for certain surface water diversions and some groundwater diversions for which regular flow rate measurements are taken.

Telemetric Time Series  (Aqua Info)

Chart or download flow measurements in 15 minute and average daily time series. Water measurement data are transmitted using telemetry equipment. ALL DATA ARE PROVISIONAL AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Annual Time Series  (WMIS)

Research water delivery measurements and estimations of annual water usage including information related to irrigation wells on the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer and other ground and surface water points of diversion for which annual delivery totals are recorded.

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