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AdministrativeAmerican Falls Groundwater Management Area Contested Case
AdministrativeASCC's Petition Regarding Distribution of Natural Flow by Water District 01P-WRA-2017-001
AdministrativeBasin 37 Administrative ProceedingAA-WRA-2021-001
AdministrativeBig Lost River Basin Petition for Critical Groundwater AreaP-CGWA-2016-001
AdministrativeBird Exceptions to Order re Permit to Appropriate Water No. 74-16187
AdministrativeCity of Eagle (previously captioned under "M3 Eagle") Water Right Information
AdministrativeComplaint Regarding Watermaster in Water District 95CC-RWM-2016-001
AdministrativeConsolidated Hearing for I-84 Corridor between Boise and Mountain Home
AdministrativeESPA Measurement Order
AdministrativeExceptions to Amended Preliminary Order Denying Applications for Permit Nos. 67-15292 through 67-15297, 67-15298 and 67-15300 in the name of Eckhardt Family LLLP
AdministrativeExceptions to Amended Preliminary Order in the Matter of Application for Permit 63-34348 in the Name of Elmore County
AdministrativeExceptions to the Preliminary Order Approving Transfer No. 82640 in the Name of Clinton K. Aston
AdministrativeFoster Exceptions to Order Denying Petition to Re-Open Hearing & Preliminary Order Denying Application No. 74-16229
AdministrativeGay Richardson (S82-20066) and John Stickley (S82-20067) Applications for Stream Channel Alteration PermitsIWRB-2017-001
AdministrativeHydropower Water Right at Milner Dam
AdministrativeInnovative Mitigation Solutions - Basin 37 Applications
AdministrativeIn re Application for Amendment of Permit No. 63-32225 in the Name of Intermountain Sewer & Water, Corp. and Application for Transfer No. 83875, in the Name of Gregory B. Johnson
AdministrativeIn re Application for Transfer No. 82161 in the Name of Suez Water Idaho Inc.
AdministrativeIn re Application for Transfer No. 84441 in the Name of Bruce and Glenda McConnell
AdministrativeIn re Applications for Permit No. 63-34832 through 63-34838 and 63-34840 through 63-34846 All in the Name of Eden's Gate LLC
AdministrativeIn re Riverside's Petition for Declaratory Ruling Regarding Need for a Water Right to Divert Water Under Reuse Permit No. M-225-01P-DR-2020-01
AdministrativeNegotiated Rule Making — ESPA Boundary
AdministrativeOrder Designating the ESPA Groundwater Management AreaAA-GWMA-2016-001
AdministrativePetition for Declaratory Ruling regarding creation of the ESPA Groundwater Management AreaP-DR-2016-001
AdministrativePetition for Hearing and Petition for Declaratory Ruling in the Matter of License No. 37-07842 in the Name of the Idaho Water Resource BoardP-DR-2017-002
AdministrativePetition for Hearing by Taylor Mountain Water and Sewer District re: Variance of Wells (Well #1, 2017-300 and Well #2, 2018-721) and Groundwater Measurement DevicesP-GWMD-2018-001
AdministrativePetition for Hearing re: Appointment of Gordon Sylte as Flood Control District 17 CommissionerP-FCD-2018-001
AdministrativePetition Regarding Storage Reset in Water District 01 filed by Milner Irrigation DistrictP-WRA-2017-002
AdministrativePetition to Amend Conjunctive Management Rule 50 with proposed boundary changes for the ESPA
AdministrativeStream Channel Alteration PermitsP-SCAP-2019
AdministrativeSylte's Petition for Declaratory RulingP-DR-2017-001
AdministrativeWater District 01 Contested Case
AdministrativeWater District 34 - Big Lost River Basin: Rotation Credit
AdministrativeWater District 63 Contested Case
Delivery CallA&B Irrigation District37-03-11-1
Delivery CallAquarius Aquaculture Delivery CallCM-DC-2014-001
Delivery CallARK Fisheries Delivery CallCM-DC-2014-002
Delivery CallBig Wood & Little Wood Water Users Association 2017 Delivery CallCM-DC-2017-001
Delivery CallBig Wood River Delivery CallCM-DC-2015-001
Delivery CallBlue Lakes/Clear Springs Delivery Call
Blue Lakes Mitigation Plans:

Clear Springs Mitgation Plans:


Delivery CallJames & Trudie Scheff Delivery CallCM-DC-2013-001
Delivery CallJones Delivery Call
Mitigation Plan:

Delivery CallLee Delivery CallCM-DC-2014-003
Delivery CallLittle Wood River Delivery CallCM-DC-2015-002
Delivery CallLynClif Farms Delivery CallCM-DC-2003-001
Delivery CallRangen 2004 Delivery Call
Delivery CallSeapac of Idaho Delivery Call
Mitigation Plan:

District CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2011-512
District CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2009-647
District CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2008-465
District CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2007-655
District CourtA&B Irrigation District, et al. (SWC) v. IDWRCV-42-2015-2452
District CourtAberdeen-Springfield Canal Co. and Jeffrey & Chana Duffin v. IDWRCV-2014-165
District CourtAmerican Falls Reservoir District #2, et al. v. IDWRCV-2005-600
District CourtBallentyne Ditch Company, et al. v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-21376
District CourtBasin 33 Water Users & Upper Valley Water Users v. IDWRCV01-20-08069
District CourtBlack Hawk Home Owners Association, et al. v. IDWRCV-2017-1141
District CourtBlue Lakes Trout Farm, Inc. v. IDWRCV-OC-2010-13520
District CourtBlue Lakes Trout Farm, Inc. v. IDWR and Clear Springs Foods, Inc.CV-WA-2010-19823
District CourtBoise Project Board of Control, et al. v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-21391
District CourtCity of Blackfoot v. IDWRCV-2015-1687
District CourtCity of Hailey and City of Bellevue v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-14419
District CourtCity of Pocatello v. Gary SpackmanCV01-17-00067
District CourtCity of Pocatello v. Gary Spackman, et al.CV01-17-23146
District CourtCity of Pocatello v. IGWA v. A&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2011-14409
District CourtClear Lakes Trout Company, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2005-426
District CourtClear Springs Foods v. Blue Lakes Trout Farm, IGWA, Idaho Dairymen's Association, Rangen, and IDWRCV-2008-444
District CourtD. L. Evans Bank v. Ballentyne Ditch Co., et al.CV-OC-2013-17406
District CourtDuffin v. IDWR and Intervenors A&B Irrigation District, et al. (In re Application for Transfer No. 83160 in the name of Jeffrey and Chana Duffin)CV06-20-1467
District CourtEckhardt Family LLLP v. IDWRCV-44-20-0038
District CourtEckhardt Family LLLP v. IDWRCV-44-20-0039
District CourtFrank Astorquia v. IDWRCV-WA-2012-14102
District CourtIdaho Power Company v. IDWRCV-OC-0506175
District CourtIGWA v. IDWRCV-2015-237
District CourtIGWA v. IDWRCV-2014-179
District CourtJohn B. Kugler v. IDWRCV-2015-031
District CourtJohn B. Kugler v. IDWRCV-WA-2011-15672
District CourtLittle Sky Farms v. IDWRCV-2014-382
District CourtMcCain Foods USA, Inc. v. IDWRCV01-16-21480
District CourtNelson Mackay Ranch, LLC v. IDWRCV-2016-092
District CourtNorth Snake and Magic Valley GWDs v. IDWRCV-2009-431
District CourtNorth Snake Groundwater District, et al. v. IDWRCV-2015-083
District CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-42-2015-3355
District CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2015-1450
District CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2015-1130
District CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2014-272
District CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2014-1338
District CourtRichard Parrott v. IDWRCV-42-2015-4552
District CourtRiverside Irrigation District v. IDWR (In re Reuse Permit No. M-255-01, In the Name of the City of Nampa)CV14-21-05008
District CourtSouth Valley Ground Water District v. IDWR (Basin 37)CV07-21-00243
District CourtSnowdon Wildlife Sanctuary v. McCall Ranch, LLC
District CourtSun Valley Company v. Gary SpackmanCV01-16-23173
District CourtSun Valley Company v. Gary SpackmanCV01-16-23185
District CourtSun Valley Company v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-14500
District CourtSylte, et al. v. IDWRCV-2017-7491
District CourtTanner Lane Ranch, LLLP v. IDWRCV-2017-458
Mitigation PlanUpper Big Lost River Ground Water Association 2017 Mitigation PlanCM-MP-2017-001
Supreme CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWR and IGWA et al.38403-2011
Supreme CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWR, City of Pocatello, and Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc.41069-2013
Supreme CourtA&B Irrigation District v. IDWR, City of Pocatello, and IGWA39196-2011
Supreme CourtBallentyne Ditch Company, et al. (Ditch Cos.) v. IDWR44677-2016
Supreme CourtBoise Project Board of Control & New York Irrigation District v. IDWR44745-2017
Supreme CourtCity of Blackfoot v. IDWR44207-2016
Supreme CourtCity of Pocatello v. Rangen, Inc. and IDWR42836-2015
Supreme CourtClear Springs Foods v. Blue Lakes Trout Farm, IGWA, and IDWR37308-2010
Supreme CourtEckhardt Family, LLLP v. IDWR & Gary Spackman v. Double C & J Land Co., Inc.48263-2020
Supreme CourtGordon Sylte, et al. v. IDWR46062-2018
Supreme CourtGroundwater Users v. IDWR38308-2010
Supreme CourtIDWR v. Ballentyne Ditch Company, et al.44746-2017
Supreme CourtIGWA v. City of Pocatello and Districts and IDWR42776-2015
(consolidated case 42778-2015)
Supreme CourtIGWA v. IDWR and Rangen, Inc. and Districts42775-2015
Supreme CourtJohn B. Kugler v. IDWR40126-2012
Supreme CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWR and Districts42772-2015
Supreme CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWR and GWDs43564-2015
Supreme CourtRangen, Inc. v. IDWR and IGWA43370-2015
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