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Water Right Forms

  • Notice of Change of Water Right Ownership – Use this form to notify IDWR of a change in ownership of a water right, statutory claim or adjudication claim.
  • Assignment of Permit – IDWR no longer accepts assignments of permits executed after June 30, 2022.  Idaho Code § 55-616(1), created by HB 748 in 2022, states that a “transfer of real property passes appurtenant water rights decreed…, permitted or licensed by the department…, or established by the constitutional method of appropriation, and that are owned by the seller and are not reserved by the seller in the instrument of conveyance.” A new permit owner should submit a Notice of Change in Water Right Ownership form with documentation of the conveyance of the permit to the new owner.
  • Assignment of Application for Permit – Use this form to convey ownership of an application for permit to appropriate water to a new owner.
  • Notice of Security Interest– Request for notification of change in ownership or action to amend, transfer, or modify a water right.
  • Assignment of Application for Transfer – Use this form to assign ownership of an application for transfer to a new person or entity. Both the original applicant and the new applicant must complete a portion of the form.

For more information, visit the Water Rights page.

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