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Water Measurement Districts

In 1995, the Idaho Legislature passed Idaho Code § 42-706 that authorized IDWR’s Director to create Water Measurement Districts to accomplish measurement and reporting of diversions outside of established water districts. Specific legislative intent was given to creating measurement districts as expeditiously as possible within the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer (ESPA).

Water Measurement Districts are limited to the measurement and reporting of diversions within the district, and to assess members for the costs of such work.

Additional History

  • In October 1996, the IDWR Director created three Water Measurement Districts within the ESPA. However, those measurement districts were replaced by water districts that were created and/or expanded within the ESPA between 2002 and 2007 (refer to Water Districts 100, 110, 120, 130, and 140).
  • In September 2011, the IDWR Director created a Water Measurement District in the Upper Big Wood and Little Wood River Basins. However, this measurement district was abolished in September 2013 with the inclusion of both surface and groundwater rights in Water Districts 37 and 37B.

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