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IDWR is charged with monitoring certain kinds of water-related construction in Idaho. If you plan to do any construction, alteration, or other development work in areas involving water, there are various permitting requirements from IDWR (and other agencies) of which you need to be aware. We work to ensure your safety and the beauty of our surroundings.

  • STREAM CHANNEL PROTECTION PROGRAM Any work being done within the beds and banks of a continuously flowing stream must be approved in advance by IDWR. Look here for the applications and permits you need.
  • DAM SAFETY PROGRAM Learn about the classifications of Idaho’s dams or find forms and information for the construction of a dam or mine tailings impoundment structure.
  • FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT Find floodplain information, read about the management of the National Flood Insurance Program, and view digital flood hazard maps.
  • FLOOD CONTROL DISTRICTS View boundary maps of Idaho’s flood control districts which provide control of rivers, streams, their tributaries, and related structures within the district boundaries in order to protect life and property from flooding.
  • LAKE MANAGEMENT Find information regarding the Priest Lake Outlet Dam which is owned by IDWR and operated by a contractor on behalf of IDWR.
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