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Cloud Seeding Program

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What is Cloud Seeding?

Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification that increases the efficiency of a cloud by enhancing its natural ability to produce precipitation.


Why do we seed clouds?

In Idaho, cloud seeding is used during the cold season to augment high elevation snowpack, our primary storage reservoirs. In other areas of the United States and around the world, cloud seeding is also used for rain enhancement during warm seasons, hail mitigation to reduce damage to crops and infrastructure, and for fog suppression around airports. 

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Active Cloud Seeding Programs in Idaho

  • The Idaho Collaborative Cloud Seeding Program | Boise, Wood, and Upper Snake River Basins
    • Operated by Idaho Power Company (IPC) in partnership with the IWRB and local water users
    • Remote Ground & Aircraft
  • Idaho Power Company | Payette River Basin
    • Operated by Idaho Power Company in coordination with the Idaho Collaborative Cloud Seeding Program 
    • Remote ground & aircraft
  • High Country Resource Conservation & Development (HCRCD) | Upper Snake River Basin
    • Operated by Let it Snow, Inc
    • Manual ground
  • State of Utah | Box Elder and Cache County
    • Operated by North American Weather Consultants 
    • Manual ground
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