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ActionTitleDocket No.
United States District CourtUnited States v. Idaho1:22-cv-00236
Supreme CourtHastings v. IDWR50273-2022
District CourtBoise River Outdoor Opportunities, LLC v. IDWRCV01-24-04576
District CourtIDWR v. ComteCV30-23-0191
District CourtCity of Idaho Falls v. IDWRCV01-23-13238
District CourtIGWA (Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc.) v. IDWR (Appeal of 5th & 6th Methodology Orders, Post-Hearing Order, etc.)CV01-23-13173
District CourtIGWA (Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc.) v. IDWR (Appeal of Breach Order)CV01-23-07893
District CourtCity of Pocatello v. Idaho Water Resource BoardCV42-23-1668 (formerly CV03-23-00876)
District CourtStrider Construction Co., Inc. v. Idaho Water Resource BoardCV01-22-10932
District CourtIDWR v. WhittakerCV30-22-0169
District CourtWhittaker v. IDWR (In re Application for Transfer No. 84441 in the Name of Bruce and Glenda McConnell)CV30-21-0304
District CourtHastings v. IDWRCV01-21-17825
AdministrativeIn re Determination of Extent of Beneficial Use Made Under City of Gooding Recharge Water Right Permit No. 37-23059 During Calendar Year 2022 (Recharge Development Corporation)
AdministrativeIn re City of Boise Water Right Nos. (CS Property Development LLC)
AdministrativeSnake River Basin Moratorium
AdministrativeBig Wood River Ground Water Management Area Moratorium
AdministrativeIn re Certain Basin 75 Water Rights (Fourth of July Creek Allotment) (Jaycob J. & Cheyenne A. Smith)P-OSC-2022-001
AdministrativeIn re Certain Basin 79 Water Rights (Butcher Bar and China Creek Allotments) (Gill Family Ranches, LLC)P-OSC-2021-004
AdministrativeIn re Certain Basin 65 and Basin 67 Water Rights (Paddock Valley Allotment) (Soulen Livestock Co. and Soulen Grazing Association, LLC)P-OSC-2021-002
AdministrativeIn re Certain Basin 67 Water Rights (Crane Creek Allotment) (Soulen Livestock Co. and Soulen Grazing Association, LLC)P-OSC-2021-001
AdministrativeIn re Application for Permit Nos. 63-34403, 63-34652, 63-34897, and 63-34900, In the Name of Cat Creek Energy, LLC
AdministrativeIn re Administration and Accounting of the Practice of Rotating Natural Flow Water Rights into Mackay Reservoir for Storage (Water District 34 - Big Lost River Basin)
AdministrativeIn re Integrated Municipal Application Package ("IMAP") of Suez Water Idaho, Inc. for Applications for Transfer of Water Rights
AdministrativeIdaho Water Resource Board Recharge Applications
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Delivery CallRangen 2014 Delivery Call
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Delivery CallRangen 2011 Delivery Call
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