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Water Districts


A water district is an organized government entity created and supervised by IDWR to distribute water consistent with water rights on record with IDWR. Water districts are the only water delivery entity specifically authorized to administer the delivery of Idaho water from a public water source or water system. Distribution of water within a water district is accomplished by the elected and appointed watermaster.

The following document is a complete list of Idaho’s water districts (active and inactive) with detailed descriptions of the boundaries.

Water District Descriptions


Upcoming Meetings

Water Districts’ Annual Meeting Schedules


Important Information for Water Districts Concerning Public Meeting Notices and Government Entity Registration 


Public Meeting Notices – Townhall Idaho

As of April 15, 2022, any meeting held by state executive branch agencies (Water Districts included) must be posted on the Townhall Idaho website ( This includes meeting notices, agendas, and meeting minutes. The Townhall Idaho posting requirements are additional to those required by Idaho Open Meeting laws.

Water district staff do not have the ability to post documents directly to the Townhall Idaho website. Consequently, water districts must send the required documents to IDWR so IDWR staff can post them to Townhall Idaho. Questions regarding these posting requirements should be directed to your nearest IDWR office or email


Local Government Entity Registration

On or before December 1st of each year, water districts must complete the Local Government Registry with the State Controller’s office and submit administrative, financial, and audit information. Prior to 2022, water districts completed the required registry through the Legislative Services office.

Please contact the Local Government Registry Team at or 208-334-3100, option 1 with any related questions. 

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