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Surface Water Coalition Delivery Call Proceedings 

On May 30, 2024 the Director issued the Final Order Curtailing Ground Water Rights Junior to March 31, 1954.

Notice of curtailment to certain junior groundwater users will be forthcoming.

Information and resources regarding the Surface Water Coalition Delivery Call and Final Order Curtailing Ground Water Rights Junior to March 31, 1954, can be viewed here: 2024 Surface Water Coalition Delivery Call.

Per Idaho Code § 42-251, passed by the Idaho Legislature in the 2022 session, Lemhi River irrigators who have existing water rights decreed in the Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA) have an opportunity to apply for high flow water rights under the Lemhi River Basin Comprehensive Settlement Agreement.

Under the new law, Lemhi water users may file an application for permit with IDWR on or before July 1, 2024 to convert the high flow water use into a recorded water right. The high flow water rights will be known as Lemhi Basin Streamflow Maintenance water rights under the new law.

File an Application for Lemhi Basin Streamflow Maintenance Online: File an Application for a New Water Right

For more information, visit the Lemhi Basin Comprehensive Settlement Agreement page, see the Lemhi Basin Streamflow Maintenance Water Right Applications FAQs, or contact IDWR’s Water Rights Section at (208) 287-4800.

Throughout the year, IDWR posts updates on Priest Lake water levels and outlet dam operations. To view the April update on Priest Lake, visit IDWR’s Lake Management page.

In January, the USGS and IDWR completed the Treasure Valley Flow Model depicting how groundwater flows in the aquifers beneath the Treasure Valley. The model is available for the public to use on the USGS’s website.

For more information, see IDWR’s Treasure Valley Groundwater Flow Model page and Information Brief.

IDWR receives many questions regarding the management of groundwater resources in the state, including domestic wells. To help answer those questions and more, IDWR compiled this Groundwater Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document.

The Department is reviewing its administrative rules, consistent with the Governor’s Zero Based Regulation, Executive Order 2020-01. For more information visit, IDWR’s Rulemaking page or follow the links below for specific rulemaking activities.

2024/2025 Rulemaking

IDWR is sending out commencement notices for the Bear River Basin Adjudication in 5 mailing groups through 2023/2024.

  • File Online – The new online portal to file an Adjudication Claim or submit a Water Right Application for Permit is now available. Printable forms are available here.

For more information, see the Bear River Basin Adjudication Brochure.

On October 21, 2022, the Department issued an amended moratorium order expanding the existing Eastern Snake River Plain Moratorium.

View the order here: Amended Snake River Basin Moratorium Order

For more information, visit IDWR’s Moratorium Orders and News Release pages, or contact IDWR’s Water Rights Section at (208) 287-4800.

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