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The Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) has statutory authority for the state-wide administration of the rules governing well construction and the licensing of drillers in Idaho. Prior to drilling a well, the well owner or well driller must first obtain a drilling permit from IDWR. All wells must be constructed by a well driller with a valid license from IDWR. Examples of permittable wells include all water wells, monitoring wells, low temperature geothermal wells, geothermal wells, injection wells, and other artificial openings and excavations in the ground greater than 18 vertical feet below land surface. Domestic wells, monitoring wells, and cathodic-protection wells do not require other approvals by IDWR before a drilling permit can be approved. However, other wells such as irrigation wells, commercial/industrial wells, injection wells, multi-family or municipal wells require at least approved water rights before approvals are issued.

  • Driller Licensing – IDWR authorizes the licensing of drillers and operators of well drilling equipment to protect the groundwater resources against waste and contamination.
  • Geothermal Wells – Find information about wells with a bottom hole temperature of 212+ degrees Fahrenheit or the specifications for Low Temperature Geothermal Wells.
  • Injection Wells – Injection wells are used as a means to dispose of or store fluids in the subsurface and are monitored by IDWR’s Underground Injection Control Program.
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