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PLEASE NOTE 10/17/23: Water right and well documents are currently not available online. Please contact your local IDWR office if you need water right and well documents. Due to a recent server failure at the Office of Information Technology Services’ (ITS) Chinden Campus, IDWR is unable to access its online document repositories. ITS is working to solve the issue as quickly as possible and we anticipate the Department’s documents will be accessible online again in 7 – 10 days. 

Water Right & Adjudication Search

Search water right records, view associated documents, and generate a printable map.

New Water Right Applications

Search applications for permit and applications for amendment.

New Water Right Transfers

Review the current applications for transfer.

Irrigation Rights Finder

Use this address-based search for irrigation districts and water rights.

How to use the Irrigation Rights Finder  

Statutory Claims

Review statutory claims posted in the last 30 days.

Map-Based Water Right Search

Use the online mapping tool to find water rights and view associated documents.


How to use the Water Right Search interactive map


Additional Resources

Water Right Number Format – Water Right numbers can contain three components: Basin number, Sequence number, and sometimes a Suffix.

Example:  95-1234A

Basin = 95
Sequence = 1234
Suffix = A

IDWR Administrative Basins
IDWR divided the state into over 50 administrative basins to coordinate water management activities. Each basin is assigned to one of the four IDWR regions.

Federal Wild & Scenic Rivers
Find water right filing information and data related to the Wild & Scenic Rivers areas.

Moratorium Orders issued by IDWR
Orders establishing, modifying, or rescinding moratoriums on the issuance of new water right permits in specific geographic areas.

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