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Water Data

Drought Declarations

View drought emergency declarations issued by IDWR and approved by the Idaho governor which apply only to the administrative processing of water right applications.

Groundwater Levels

Learn how IDWR’s Hydrology Section analyzes data to determine regional groundwater level trends, evaluates groundwater availability for new water uses, and identifies areas with declining groundwater levels that might need administrative action.

Groundwater Quality

Discover how the Statewide Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program provides valuable information about Idaho’s groundwater quality to private citizens, consulting companies, and governmental entities.

Hydrologic Projects

Review the comprehensive aquifer planning and management effort conducted by the Idaho Water Resource Board and IDWR including performing technical studies, hydrologic monitoring, measurements, and basin plan development.

Technical Publications 

Read reports, water information bulletins, and groundwater quality publications.

Water Diversion Measurement Network

Chart or download the water data collected by IDWR

Water Measurement Guidelines

Understand the guidelines and procedures for collecting water measurement data and reporting the information to IDWR.

Water Rights Accounting 

Use either tabular data or spatial tools to view the water rights accounting information.

Water Supply

Find information on rivers, snow, reservoir storage, precipitation and weather, El Niño, and drought in Idaho.

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