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About IDWRhistory, organization"
About the Idaho Water Resource Board
About Water Rights
Adjudication Formscsrba, nia, claims, domestic, stock water, srba"
Administrative Actionsamerican falls, city of eagle, i-84 corridor, hydropower, milner dam, recharge, innovative mitigation solutions, united water, water district 01, water district 63"
Administrative Basins
American Falls Groundwater Management Area
American Falls Water District
Aquifer Recharge Districts (ARDs)
Arsenic Fact Sheet
Artesian City Critical Groundwater Area
Banbury Hot Springs Groundwater Management Area
Bancroft Lund Groundwater Management Area (Rescinded)
Bannock Creek Drainage
Bear River Basin AdjudicationBRBA
Bear River Groundwater Management Area
Bear River Water District
Big Lost River Water District
Big Wood River Groundwater Management Area
Big Wood River Water District
Blue Gulch Critical Groundwater Area
Board Financial Program
Board Hearing Materials
Board Meeting Materials
Board Meeting Schedules
Board Members
Boise Front Groundwater Management Area
Boise River Water District
Bruneau Groundwater Management District
Bunker Hill Area of Drilling Concern
Calendar of Events
Camas Creek Drainage
Careersemployment, job, job openings"
Certified Water Right Examiners
Change a Water Right
Cinder Cone Butte Critical Groundwater Area
Comprehensive Aquifer Management Planning (CAMP)
Comprehensive Basin Planning
Comprehensive State Water Planning
Contact Usidwr locations, addresses"
Cottonwood Critical Groundwater Areas
Critical Groundwater Areas
Curlew Valley Critical Groundwater Area
Curtailment Information
Dam Safety Forms
Dam Safetymine tailing impoundment structures, reservoirs, inspection, reports"
Disclaimer & Website Citations
District Court Actionsa&b irrigation district, swc, surface water coalition, aberdeen-springfield canal, duffin, d.l. evans bank, ballentyne ditch, astorquia, krugler, nsgwd, north snake groundwater district, rangen"
Diversion Data
Driller Licensing Program
Drought Declarationsdisaster"
East Ada County Hydrologic Project
Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer (ESPA) Comprehensive Aquifer Management Planning (CAMP)
Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Model (ESPAM) Hydrologic Project
Establish a Water Right
Expansion Rights in Critical Groundwater Areas
Federal Wild & Scenic Rivers Tributaries Water Rights
Financial Program Forms
Flood Control Districts
Floodplain Managementnfip, national flood insurance, fema"
Geothermal Resource Programlow temperature, ltg"
Goose Creek-Rock Creek Critical Groundwater Area
Grand View-Bruneau Groundwater Management Area
Groundwater Districts
Groundwater Levels
Groundwater Management Districts
Groundwater Quality
Hearing Procedures
Henrys Fork Comphrensive Basin Plan
Idaho Dam Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Idaho Transverse Mercator Projection
Idaho Transverse Mercator Projection Parameters
Idaho Water Transactions Program
Idaho Watershed Boundary Delineation
IDWR-Issued Orders
Injection Wellsunderground injection control program, deep injection, shallow injection"
Irrigation Companies
Irrigation Districts
Irrigation Organizations
Landsat Thermal Band
Legal Issues
Lewiston Plateau Groundwater Management Area
Licensed Well Drillers Search
Lindsay Creek Groundwater Management Area (Rescinded)
Little Salmon River Comphrensive Basin Plan
Little Wood River Water District
Loan and Grant Forms
Map & GIS Data Hubgps locator tool for well drillers, well drillers tool, well drillers locator, water measurement, groundwater level,, hydro online, geothermal resources, groundwater quality, water rights accounting, general map, irrigation rights, flood hazard, evapotranspiration, administrative boundaries, aerial photography, aquifers, cities, climate, dam safety, floodplain, gaging stations, geographic names, geology, geothermal, groundwater, hydrography, irrigation, land cover, land use, landsat, planning basins, precipitation, public land survey, pls, public water, quadrangle boundaries, regulatory areas, remote sensing, metric, soils, topo, transportation, water rights, watersheds, wells, wetlands, CSRBA, PRBA, CFPRBA, Coeur d'Alene-Spokane River Basin Adjudication, Palouse River Basin Adjudication, Clark Fork-Pend Oreille River Basins Adjudication, season of use, headgate, find a well, water supply bank, lease, dams, drilling, wild and scenic, watershed, stream gages, district, water district, gwmd, groundwater management, ard, aquifer recharge, offices, location, recreational mining, mining, streams, irrigation organizations, water measurement, regulated water, planning areas, administrative areas, espa model grid cells, water right locator, find a water right, find my water right, CGWA, GWMA, Critical Groundwater Area, Groundwater Management Area, print a map, water right application, open data, opendata, arcgis online mapping tools"
METRIC Mapping Evapotranspiration
Middle Snake River Comphrensive Basin Plan
MIKE Basin Models
Minimum Stream Flows
Mitigation Plan Actionsespa, swc, surface water coalition, blue lakes, igwa, swid, a&b, coalition of cities, city fo idaho falls, thousand springs, jones, seapac, rangen, pocatello, mccain foods"
Moratorium Orders
Mountain Home Groundwater Management Area
Mud Lake Water District
National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
New Water Right Applications
New Water Right Transfers
News Releases
Nez Perce Water Rights Agreement in the Snake River Basin
Nitrate Fact Sheet
North Ada County Hydrogeologic Investigation
North Fork Clearwater River Basin
Northern Idaho AdjudicationsNIA
Oakley Fan Critical Groundwater Areas
Oakley Valley Water District
Oakley-Kenyon Critical Groundwater Areas
Obtain a Water Right
Payette River Comphrensive Basin Plan
Payette River Water District
Precedential Agency Orders
Priest River Comphrensive Basin Plan
Raft River Critical Groundwater Area
Rathdrum Prairie Comprehensive Aquifer Management Planning (CAMP)
Rathdrum Prairie Groundwater Management Area
Recreational Mining Forms
Recreational Mining Permitsdredging permit, highbanker, invasive species"
River Flow Data
Seepage Studies for Lemhi River Basin
Snake River Basin Adjudication Reports
Snake River Basin AdjudicationSRBA
Snow Water Equivalencymountain snowpack levels"
South Fork Boise River Comphrensive Basin Plan
South Fork Clearwater River Basin
South Fork Snake River Comphrensive Basin Plan
Southeast Boise Groundwater Management Area
Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Hydrologic Project
SRBA Court
St. Anthony - Rexburg Water District
State Water Plan
Statutory Claims
Stream Channel Alteration Forms
Stream Channel Alteration Permits
Stream Channel Protection Program
Stream Gage Data
Streams, Dams & Flooding
Surface Water Modeling
Swan Falls Agreement
Technical Publicationswib, water information bulletin"
Thousand Springs MIKE Basin
Thousand Springs Water District
Treasure Valley Comprehensive Aquifer Management Planning (CAMP)
Treasure Valley Groundwater-Flow Model Project
Treasure Valley Hydrologic Project
Twin Falls Groundwater Management Area
Upper Boise River Comphrensive Basin Plan
Upper Salmon Water District
Upper Snake River Water District
Water Delivery Call Actionsbig wood, little wood, swc, surface water coalition, thousand springs, a&b, aquarius, ark fisheries, blue lakes, clear springs, scheff, jones, lee, lynclif farms, rangen, seapac"
Water Districts
Water Facts
Water Measurement
Water Measurement Districts
Water Measurement Formsannual report
Water Measurement Information System (WMIS)
Water Resource Board
Water Right Claimstatutory claim, notice of claim"
Water Right Process
Water Right Transfersdocument search, part 2a report, modeling resources, espa model transfer, etran, policy memorandums, transfer examples"
Water Rights Accounting
Water Rights for Storage Purposes - Ponds and Reservoirs
Water Rights Forms
Water Rights Search
Water Supply Bank
Water Supply Bank Forms
Water Use Information
Water-Related Districts
Well Construction Forms
Well Construction Search (Logs)well driller report, logs"
Well Constructionminimum well seal depth"
West Ada Area of Drilling Concern
West Boise Area of Drilling Concern
West Oakley Fan Critical Groundwater Areas
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