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Aging Infrastructure Grants

During its 2022 session, the Idaho legislature appropriated to the Idaho Water Resource Board (IWRB) $75,000,000 to “be used for expenditures, loans, or grants for water projects, including studies, to address water sustainability, rehabilitate or improve aging water infrastructure or support flood management.”

Projects that rehabilitate or improve Idaho’s water infrastructure support the Idaho economy, provide economic value, and ensures long-term water resource stability and sustainability. Pursuant to House Bill 769, the IWRB has developed these criteria to provide financial assistance on a statewide competitive basis through grants to eligible entities interested in pursuing eligible projects to rehabilitate or improve aging water infrastructure.

Eligible Projects: The IWRB defines an aging water infrastructure project as any new project, or new phase of an improvement project intended to repair, maintain, replace, or improve existing infrastructure that supports irrigation water delivery, storage, drainage, treatment, and use of water for irrigation. Projects that are already completed or underway by the application deadline are not eligible for this funding opportunity. Additionally, for purposes of this grant program, the term ‘aging water infrastructure’ does not include municipal drinking or wastewater systems.

Grant Criteria and scoring

Application Guidelines for IWRB Aging Infrastructure Grant

Please send completed applications to

Round Applications are due August 2, 2024


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