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Aging Infrastructure Grant

During its 2022 session, the Idaho legislature appropriated to the Idaho Water Resource Board (IWRB) $75,000,000 to “be used for expenditures, loans, or grants for water projects, including studies, to address water sustainability, rehabilitate or improve aging water infrastructure or support flood management.”  H.B. 769, §§ 6, 7.  The legislature provided that “no more than one-third of these moneys shall be used for grants”, and directed the IWRB to:

develop criteria, taking into account the public’s input for the expenditures of money for grants, which shall be competitive, matching grants that prioritize projects based on the public benefits they provide. Considerations of public benefits should include the protection of existing water rights, the uses identified in Section 42-1760(2)(d), Idaho Code, which include consideration of the value of existing hydropower to the state’s economy, providing water for future development, and addressing aging water storage and delivery infrastructure for projects that provide environmental, safety, or recreational benefits.  H.B. 769, § 7.

Projects that rehabilitate or improve Idaho’s  water infrastructure support the Idaho economy, provide economic value, and ensures long-term water resource stability and sustainability.

IWRB Aging Infrastructure Criteria

Application Guidelines for IWRB Aging Infrastructure Grant

Applications are due August 5, 2022

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