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Environmental Data Management System (EDMS)

The Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) is a central database designed to house Idaho groundwater quality data and well characteristics from several state agencies and provide for easy access and retrieval via the internet. This data can be used for trend monitoring, parameter-specific studies, remediation studies, or to define environmental characteristics in an area.

EDMS History

The Groundwater Quality Protection Act of 1989 provided for development of this comprehensive system to manage groundwater data. The Idaho Groundwater Protection Interagency Cooperative Agreement of 2008 establishes EDMS as the repository for groundwater quality data to facilitate cooperative groundwater protection programs among multiple state agencies.

EDMS presently contains more than 870,000 analytical results records from laboratory tests for contaminants and water measurement parameters. These were produced from more than 35,000 groundwater samples taken at over 6,000 sites throughout Idaho by many agencies, including IDWR, IDEQ, ISDA, State Health Districts, and also USGS, USBR, and USACE.

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