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Water Supply Bank Meetings

Water Supply Bank and Mitigation BankDevelops policy and direction for the Water Bank. Recommends changes, and oversees operations. Oversees operation of rental pools in cooperation with local committees appointed by IWRB. Reviews proposed changes to rental pool procedures. Makes recommendations about establishment of new rental pools. Develops framework for potential mitigation credit bank.

  • Jo Ann Cole-Hansen, Chair

  • Vince Alberdi

  • Roger Chase

  • Dale Van Stone


Upcoming Meetings

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DateCommitteeMeeting No.LocationMaterials
December 18, 2020Water Supply Bank & Mitigation Bank2-20Boise/Zoom
July 23, 2020Water Supply Bank & Mitigation Bank1-20Boise/GoToMeeting
March 18, 2020Water Supply Bank1-20Boise
June 26, 2018Water Supply Bank1-18Boise
June 29, 2017Water Supply Bank2-17Boise
February 28, 2017Water Supply Bank1-17Boise
November 1, 2016Water Supply Bank1-16Boise
August 21, 2015Water Supply Bank2-15Boise
January 7, 2015Water Supply Bank1-15Boise
October 9, 2014Water Supply Bank2-14Boise
March 6, 2014Water Supply Bank1-14Boise
March 20, 2013Water Supply Bank1-13Boise
January 10, 2012Water Supply Bank1-12Boise
December 20, 2011Water Supply Bank1-11Boise
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