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Water Supply Bank Pricing

The Board establishes the price for renting water rights from their bank. Presently, the Board has established that the price for water right rentals is $23/af through 2024 and will increase to $33/af beginning in 2025. An applicant may enter into an agreement with a water right holder to negotiate a rental rate different than the Board’s rental rate. Ten percent (10%) of the gross rental fee will be retained by the Board for administrative costs of operating the Bank. The lessor (usually the water right holder) will receive ninety percent (90%) of the gross rental fee as payment. There is no fee to submit a rental application, only a fee once the rental is approved. There is a fee to submit a Water Supply Bank lease application.

Local rental pool committees set the price, which the Board must approve, for water that can be rented from the rental pools. This price may be different for each rental pool and can be determined based on the location where the water is to be used. For additional information, refer to the rental pool procedures listed on the Water Supply Bank’s Administration page.

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