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IWRB Financial Program Forms

Water Project Loans

The Idaho Water Resource Board’s financial program assists in the development of the state’s water resources through the construction of water projects

Current Loan Rate: 3.5%

Send completed forms by email to the Loan Program team, or by postal mail to the State Office.

Flood Management Grants

IWRB provides financial assistance on a competitive statewide basis to flood control districts, drainage districts, irrigation districts, canal companies, municipalities, counties, and other public entities interested in pursuing flood damaged stream channel repair, stream channel improvement, flood risk reduction, and flood prevention projects. Pursuing flood damage repair and improvement projects can help prevent or reduce flood damage in Idaho’s streams and rivers. To be considered for grant funding, entities must provide evidence of flood damage or evidence of conditions that create the risk of flooding in a stream channel, and submit a funding request document outlining the proposed repairs and/or improvements to the stream channel. For details about the grant, see House Bill No. 712Idaho Code §§ 42-1760, and IDAPA 37.02.02.

Accepting Applications through June 3, 2022 (due on the first Friday of June annually)

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