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Idaho Water Resource Board

What is the IWRB?

group photo of board membersThe Idaho Water Resource Board (IWRB) was created by the Idaho Legislature in 1965 following the passage of a constitutional amendment which established the Board. There are eight members of the IWRB, appointed by the governor, who serve four-year terms. IWRB is responsible for the formulation and implementation of a state water plan, financing of water projects, and the operation of programs that support sustainable management of Idaho’s water resources.

Idaho Water Resource Board Programs, Projects & Initiatives Map

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Sustainability of Idaho’s Water Resources

Water is the foundation of Idaho’s economy and culture; the lives and livelihoods of Idahoans depend on a reliable supply of water. We have many rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater aquifers, geothermal resources, and natural springs that support diverse economic and community interests including agriculture, aquaculture, industrial uses, public drinking water supplies, energy development, recreation, and more.

Sustainability is the active stewardship of Idaho’s water resources to satisfy current uses and assure future use of this renewable resource in accordance with State law and policy. Under guidance from the Governor, the IWRB is working to develop and implement actions that promote water sustainability.

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