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Boise River Outdoor Opportunities, LLC v. IDWRCV01-24-04576
IDWR v. ComteCV30-23-0191
City of Idaho Falls v. IDWRCV01-23-13238
IGWA (Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc.) v. IDWR (Appeal of 5th & 6th Methodology Orders, Post-Hearing Order, etc.)CV01-23-13173
IGWA (Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc.) v. IDWRCV01-23-07893
City of Pocatello v. Idaho Water Resource BoardCV42-23-1668 (formerly CV03-23-00876)
Strider Construction Co., Inc. v. Idaho Water Resource BoardCV01-22-10932
IDWR v. WhittakerCV30-22-0169
Whittaker v. IDWR (In re Application for Transfer No. 84441 in the Name of Bruce and Glenda McConnell)CV30-21-0304
Hastings v. IDWRCV01-21-17825
ArchivedA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2011-512
ArchivedA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2009-647
ArchivedA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2008-465
ArchivedA&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2007-655
ArchivedA&B Irrigation District, et al. (SWC) v. IDWRCV-42-2015-2452
ArchivedAberdeen-Springfield Canal Co. and Jeffrey & Chana Duffin v. IDWRCV-2014-165
ArchivedAmerican Falls Reservoir District #2, et al. v. IDWRCV-2005-600
ArchivedBallentyne Ditch Company, et al. v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-21376
ArchivedBasin 33 Water Users & Upper Valley Water Users v. IDWRCV01-20-08069
ArchivedBlack Hawk Home Owners Association, et al. v. IDWRCV-2017-1141
ArchivedBlue Lakes Trout Farm, Inc. v. IDWRCV-OC-2010-13520
ArchivedBlue Lakes Trout Farm, Inc. v. IDWR and Clear Springs Foods, Inc.CV-WA-2010-19823
ArchivedBoise Project Board of Control, et al. v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-21391
ArchivedCity of Blackfoot v. IDWRCV-2015-1687
ArchivedCity of Hailey and City of Bellevue v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-14419
ArchivedCity of Pocatello v. IDWRCV01-23-08258
ArchivedCity of Pocatello v. IDWRCV01-23-08306
ArchivedCity of Pocatello v. Gary SpackmanCV01-17-00067
ArchivedCity of Pocatello v. Gary Spackman, et al.CV01-17-23146
ArchivedCity of Pocatello v. IGWA v. A&B Irrigation District v. IDWRCV-2011-14409
ArchivedClear Lakes Trout Company, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2005-426
ArchivedClear Springs Foods v. Blue Lakes Trout Farm, IGWA, Idaho Dairymen's Association, Rangen, and IDWRCV-2008-444
ArchivedD. L. Evans Bank v. Ballentyne Ditch Co., et al.CV-OC-2013-17406
ArchivedDuffin v. IDWR and Intervenors A&B Irrigation District, et al. (Application for Transfer No. 83160 in the name of Jeffrey and Chana Duffin)CV06-20-1467
ArchivedEckhardt Family LLLP v. IDWRCV-44-20-0038
ArchivedEckhardt Family LLLP v. IDWRCV-44-20-0039
ArchivedEden’s Gate LLC v. IDWR (In re Application for Permit No. 63-34832 through 63-34838 and 63-34840 through 63-34846 All in the Name of Eden's Gate LLC)CV14-21-10116
ArchivedFrank Astorquia v. IDWRCV-WA-2012-14102
ArchivedIdaho Power Company v. IDWRCV-OC-0506175
ArchivedIGWA v. IDWRCV-2015-237
ArchivedIGWA v. IDWRCV-2014-179
ArchivedIdaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc. v. IDWRCV27-22-00945
ArchivedIGWA (Idaho Ground Water Appropriators, Inc.) v. IDWRCV01-23-08187
ArchivedIdaho Water Resource Board v. BirdCV01-20-09661
ArchivedJohn B. Kugler v. IDWRCV-2015-031
ArchivedJohn B. Kugler v. IDWRCV-WA-2011-15672
ArchivedLittle Sky Farms v. IDWRCV-2014-382
ArchivedMcCain Foods USA, Inc. v. IDWRCV01-16-21480
ArchivedNelson Mackay Ranch, LLC v. IDWRCV-2016-092
ArchivedNorth Snake and Magic Valley GWDs v. IDWRCV-2009-431
ArchivedNorth Snake Groundwater District, et al. v. IDWRCV-2015-083
ArchivedRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-42-2015-3355
ArchivedRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2015-1450
ArchivedRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2015-1130
ArchivedRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2014-1338
ArchivedRangen, Inc. v. IDWRCV-2014-272
ArchivedRichard Parrott v. IDWRCV-42-2015-4552
ArchivedRiverside Irrigation District v. IDWR (In re Reuse Permit No. M-255-01, In the Name of the City of Nampa)CV14-21-05008
ArchivedSouth Valley Ground Water District v. IDWR (Basin 37)CV07-21-00243
ArchivedSnowdon Wildlife Sanctuary v. McCall Ranch, LLC
ArchivedSun Valley Company v. Gary SpackmanCV01-16-23173
ArchivedSun Valley Company v. Gary SpackmanCV01-16-23185
ArchivedSun Valley Company v. IDWRCV-WA-2015-14500
ArchivedSylte, et al. v. IDWRCV-2017-7491
ArchivedTanner Lane Ranch, LLLP v. IDWRCV-2017-458
ArchivedVeolia Water Idaho, Inc. v. Idaho Department of Water ResourcesCV01-23-04525
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