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Regional Water Sustainability List Projects

The IWRB will support implementation of water sustainability projects, including studies (collectively projects), that provide benefits on a regional, basin-wide, or statewide scale. The IWRB will maintain a Regional Water Sustainability Priority List (List) of those projects the IWRB has determined have the potential to help achieve regional water sustainability.

Projects, including studies, to be undertaken by eligible entities that provide water sustainability on a regional, basin-wide, or statewide scale are eligible to be included on the List. An eligible entity that requests inclusion of the project on the list is a “Project Sponsor.”  For projects that are included on the List, the IWRB may 1) help advocate for Federal funding opportunities for these projects, 2) facilitate state funding consideration, and 3) help with letters of support related to necessary funding and/or permitting authorizations. Inclusion on the List is not a funding commitment, but rather a recognition that the project has the potential to help achieve water sustainability. To obtain funding from an existing grant, loan or other funding program, the Project Sponsor will be required to submit the requisite application(s), and the project will be considered for funding pursuant to the procedures and criteria of the program.

Requests to have a project added to the IWRB’s Regional Water Sustainability List are due annually by December 1.   Requests shall be submitted to: 

More information on how to submit a request can be found here.

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