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Rescinded Groundwater Management Areas

AreaDate DesignatedDate Rescinded
American Falls

The American Falls GWMA is located in southern Idaho in portions of Cassia, Minidoka, Blaine, Power, Bingham, and Bannock Counties. The original August 3, 2001 GWMA boundaries were subsequently modified on August 29, 2003.


August 3, 2001November 2, 2016

The Bancroft-Lund GWMA was located in southeastern Idaho in Caribou County. The area was declared a GWMA on October 21, 1991. The basis for the declaration was the interrelationship between groundwater and spring flow discharging into the Bear River at Black Canyon and concern that proposed groundwater development would deplete spring flows. There were also public concerns of well interference problems.

Several applications for permit to appropriate additional groundwater were pending at the time the area was declared a GWMA. There were not enough data available to determine if groundwater supply was adequate to fill the proposed uses. The order stated that proposals for new consumptive uses required applicants to demonstrate that there would be no injury or that depletions would be mitigated.

On October 17, 1995, an order was issued by IDWR creating Water District 13T in the Bancroft-Lund GWMA. The water district includes all water uses for irrigation from groundwater within the boundaries of the Bancroft-Lund GWMA. A management plan had not been adopted, but a water district advisory committee was established through Water District 13T.

The Bancroft-Lund GWMA was dissolved on August 31, 2004 by order of the Director. Information about water administration for Water District 13T can be found in the order.


For more information, visit the Water District 13T page.

October 21, 1991August 31, 2004
Lindsay Creek

The Lindsay Creek GWMA was located in Nez Perce County, south of the Clearwater River and east of Lewiston. IDWR designated the Lindsay Creek GWMA on March 5, 1992, and the designation was made based on the limited recharge taking place and the potential increased use of a portion of the shallow upper aquifer. Most domestic wells are completed in the shallow portion of the upper aquifer.

Orders & Management Plan

For more information, visit the Lewiston Plateau GWMA page.

March 5, 1992May 20, 2013
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