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Palouse River Basin Adjudication

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Can I still file a Claim?

Water users can still file “Late Claims” by submitting a completed Motion to File a Late Notice of Claim and Notice of Claim, directly to the Idaho Water Adjudications Court.

Claims submitted online or mailed directly to IDWR cannot be accepted.

Recent Activity

August 2, 2021:  The Idaho Department of Water Resources mailed Director’s Reports for claims filed in the Palouse River Basin Adjudication. You can search for your recommendation and other water right recommendations in your area using IDWR’s search tool.  Claimants have until January 10, 2022, to review recommendations and file any objections.

Director’s Report Mailing Documents

June 25, 2021: Deadline to submit your completed Notice of Error reply form in connection with Preliminary Recommendation for PRBA (B87). Forms must be submitted by this date to ensure IDWR has sufficient time to address question before the Director’s Report is Issued.

April 16, 2021: IDWR mailed the preliminary recommendations for claims filed in the PRBA.

Important Dates

May 22, 2020: IDWR mailed second round service to owners of land within IDWR’s Administrative Basin 87 to which a recorded water right might be appurtenant. The deadline to file claims to non-deferrable water rights in connection with Second Round service without a late fee is August 31, 2020.

August 30, 2019: Deadline to file claims to non-deferrable water rights in the PRBA without a late fee.

August 31, 2020: Deadline to file claims to non-deferrable water rights in connection with Second Round service without a late fee.

PRBA Phase 2, Basin 87 PRBA Phase 2, Basin 87

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