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IDWR Rulemaking 2022/2023

The following table summarizes the IWRB’s and IDWR’s rulemaking activities for the 2022/2023 rulemaking period. 

Authorizing AuthoritySectionDocket DescriptionStatus
IWRB/IDWRAllOmnibus Temporary Fee RulemakingPending Initiation
IWRBPlanning and ProjectsZBR* Rulemaking – IDAPA 37.02.03 Water Supply BankPending Initiation
IWRBGround Water ComplianceZBR* Rulemaking – IDAPA 37.03.04 Drilling for Geothermal Resources RulesPending Initiation
IWRBGround Water ComplianceZBR* Rulemaking – IDAPA 37.03.10 Well Driller Licensing RulesPending Initiation
IWRBSafety of DamsZBR* Rulemaking – IDAPA 37.03.05 Mine Tailings Impoundment Structure Rules & IDAPA 37.03.06 Safety of Dams RulesPending Initiation
IWRB/IDWRAllOmnibus Temporary Non-Fee RulemakingPending Initiation

*ZBR stands for “zero-base” rulemaking or rulemaking by the IWRB and IDWR conducted in compliance with the Governor’s Zero-Based Regulation Executive Order 2020-01.

If you have questions about IDWR’s rulemaking process contact or contact Mat Weaver, IDWR’s Rules Review Officer, at 208.287.4800.

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