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IDWR Rulemaking 2021/2022

The following table summarizes the IWRB’s and IDWR’s rulemaking activities for the 2021/2022 rulemaking period. Some rules are being presented for authorization and negotiated rulemaking as part of the IWRB’s and IDWR’s plan to review each rule every 5 years consistent with the Governor’s Zero-Based Regulation Executive Order 2020-01. Other rules will be presented in anticipation of Legislature adjournment without passage of a “going home bill” reauthorizing all of Idaho’s administrative laws as required by Idaho Code.

Authorizing AgencySectionDocket DescriptionStatus
IWRB/IDWRAllOmnibus Temporary Fee RulemakingTemporary Fee Rules adopted Sine Die 2021 Legislative Session
IWRB/IDWRLegalIDAPA 37.01.01 Rules of ProcedureRulemaking Negotiations On-Going
IWRBPlanning & ProjectsIDAPA 37.02.01 Comprehensive State Water Plan RulesPending initiation
IWRBDam SafetyIDAPA 37.03.06 Safety of Dam RulesPending initiation
IWRBCompliance BureauIDAPA Stream Channel Alterations Rule 61 (Minimum Standards for Suction Dredges and Non-Powered Sluice Equipment)Rulemaking Negotiations On-Going
IWRB/IDWRAllOmnibus Temporary Non-Fee RulemakingTemporary Non-Fee Rules Adopted July 1, 2021

If you have questions about IDWR’s rulemaking process contact or contact Mat Weaver, IDWR’s Rules Review Officer, at 208.287.4800.

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