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Moratorium Orders

Listed below are geographic areas in Idaho which have been impacted by orders establishing, modifying, and rescinding water development moratoriums. Please click on each geographic area below to view related moratorium orders and explanations.

  • Boise Front GWMA Moratorium – June 10, 1988

    An order establishing a 5-year moratorium to prevent further development or additional use of the low temperature geothermal resource within the Boise Front Low Temperature Geothermal Resource GWMA. Note: This moratorium was extended for additional 5-year periods currently through May 5, 2024.

  • Order Extending Temporary Moratorium – November 3, 2017

    An order extending the temporary moratorium on new and pending applications to appropriate water in the Malad Valley Groundwater Management Area for 5 years.

  • Wilderness Area Moratorium – October 26, 1999

    A final order putting in place a moratorium on applications and permits for the diversion and use of surface water and groundwater in and tributary to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, Gospel-Hump Wilderness Area, and Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area.

  • Salmon and Clearwater River Basins – April 30, 1993

    An order establishing a moratorium on the processing of applications to appropriate surface water within the Salmon and Clearwater River basins.

  • Boise River Drainage – May 3, 1995

    An amended moratorium order removing the Boise River drainage from the moratorium established in 1992 for the Snake River Basin. Subject to conditions to protect existing water users within the Boise River drainage.

  • Eastern Snake Plain and Boise River Drainage – April 30, 1993

    An amended moratorium order dealing with surface water and groundwater within the Eastern Snake River Plain area and the Boise River Drainage Area and rescinding redundant Mud Lake and Big Lost River moratorium orders.

  • Order amending Moratorium Order dated May 15, 1992 – January 6, 1993

    A moratorium order that amended certain parts of the moratorium order originally issued May 15, 1992 dealing with applications for permits from ground and surface water upstream from the USGS gauge on the Snake River near Weiser. The order removed the non-trust water area from the original order. Note: Amended April 30, 1993.

  • Snake River Basin Upstream From Weiser – May 15, 1992

    The original moratorium order dealing with the applications for permit for diversion and use of surface water and groundwater in the Snake River Basin upstream from the USGS gauge on the Snake River near Weiser. Note: Amended January 6, 1993.

  • Order Establishing A Five Year Moratorium – July 24, 1987

    An order establishing a five year moratorium on new geothermal development for a limited area within the Twin Falls groundwater management area. This moratorium was extended in 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2008, and 2013.
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