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Alteration Permits

To alter a stream channel, an applicant must file a joint-agency stream channel alteration permit and receive approval of the application. The completed application may be submitted to any IDWR office with the non-refundable application fee $20.

The joint-agency stream channel alteration application is used by IDWR, the Idaho Department of Lands, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and is available from any of these offices or the IDWR website. This single form intends to streamline the application process among the concerned resource agencies. To minimize duplication of effort when submitting an application that is pertinent to more than one agency, complete the application (except for the signature sections), make copies, and then sign all copies and send them to the appropriate agencies.

The application asks for a description of the project, the amount of material to be excavated or filled, any anticipated environmental consequences, the type of equipment you expect to use, and other similar information. To help reviewers understand the extent, purpose, and location of the work, include a copy of the plans for your project. These plans should include reference to water surface elevations and stream boundaries including the ordinary high water marks.

After the receipt of all necessary information, the application review process typically takes about 60 days before a permit is issued.

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