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Floodplain Administrator Training

Below is a list of available training opportunities provided by various sources—some at no cost. Click the course title for more information.

July 6, 20204 daysFEMA: E0284 Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts IIINETC campus Course Details
July 27, 20204 daysFEMA: E0278 NFIP/Community Rating SystemNETC campus Course Details
July 27, 20204 daysFEMA: E0172 Hazus-MH for Flood
NETC campus Course Details
August 31, 20204 daysFEMA: E0273 Managing Floodplain Development through the NFIPNETC campus Course Details

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) courses at the NETC campus:
These training opportunities are provided by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) located in Emmitsburg, MD. The classes are primarily for local floodplain administrators. Click the course title for more information about the EMI training program or how to apply, or review the complete EMI Course Schedule list. For course descriptions, objectives, and prerequisites, visit the Course Catalog.

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