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Omnibus Reathorization of all IWRB and IDWR Fee Rules

Docket 37-0000-2100F

Similar to rulemaking efforts in 2019 and 2020, the IWRB and IDWR are again adopting all fee rules as temporary rules to be effective sine die of the 2021 Legislative Session, in the event the Legislature adjourns without passing a “going home bill” reauthorizing all of Idaho’s administrative rules.

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Comments may be sent by email or mail to or

IDWR Rules Review Officer
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

When submitting comments, please cite the docket number or IDAPA rule chapter to which your remarks apply. Please be aware that your comments will become part of the public rulemaking record, and may be published to IDWR’s webpage.


Reducing or restricting the use of surface or groundwater based on priority date.

A request from a water right holder for the administration of water rights under the prior appropriation doctrine. See IDAPA 37.03.11 for more detail.

A document submitted by a junior-priority groundwater right holder and approved by the Director (as provided in Rule 043) that identifies actions and measures to prevent, or compensate holders of senior-priority water rights for, material injury caused by the diversion and use of water by the junior-priority groundwater rights holders within an area having a common groundwater supply. See IDAPA 37.03.11 for more detail.


Statutes & Rules

Listed below are legal considerations regarding water rights, irrigation, and floodplain management in Idaho.

Idaho Constitution
Idaho Statute
Idaho Administrative Code

Hearing Procedures

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