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Shallow Injection Wells

Shallow injection wells (SIW) in Idaho are those less than or equal to 18-ft deep. A SIW inventory form is required for every SIW in Idaho. This inventory form is where information regarding the owner, construction type, location, and nature of the fluid to be injected can be documented. A one-time processing fee of $75 is required to be submitted with each inventory form. For proposed SIWs, this form should be submitted prior to constructing the well. For existing SIWs the inventory form can be submitted after the fact. You may contact the UIC Program to determine if your SIW has been inventoried with the State. The SIW Inventory form and processing fee should be submitted to IDWR or the appropriate MOU partner in your area listed on the last page of the form. You can find the SIW Inventory Form as well as the SIW Criteria and diagrams of common SIW types below.

A shallow injection well owner must notify IDWR following the permanent cessation of use. All shallow injection wells that are to be permanently decommissioned shall be plugged with an impervious material. A shallow injection well owner must obtain approval from IDWR at least 30 days prior to the commencement of decommissioning activity and notify IDWR within 30 days of completion of decommissioning activities. There is no fee to decommission a SIW. You can find the SIW Decommissioning form below.

Partnership Opportunities

IDWR has partnered with local entities working to protect their local groundwater quality and continues to solicit additional partnerships. The mechanism for this collaboration is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) through which IDWR delegates authority to receive the SIW inventory form and processing fee from the applicant and periodically submit the SIW information to IDWR. Generally, MOU partners have a regional jurisdiction. All interested parties are encouraged to contact the UIC Program to obtain additional information regarding this opportunity. You can find the IDWR MOU Summary below.

Current IDWR SIW MOU partners include the City of Boise, the City of Hailey, the Panhandle Health District, and the Central District Health Department.

Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells (Subclass 5X28)

A MVWDW is a type of injection well that receives or has received fluids generated during the repair and maintenance of motorized vehicles such as automobiles, boats, airplanes, locomotives, and recreational vehicles. During repair and maintenance activities, fluids such as fuels, oils, and solvents may spill or drip onto the shop floor and enter the injection well causing a degradation of the local groundwater quality over time.

One common MVWDW configuration consists of a floor drain or drains in a repair area that discharges directly to a drywell or a drainfield. Another common MVWDW configuration consists of a vehicle washing area where engine bay and undercarriage cleaning occurs over a drain to a drywell or drainfield. Oftentimes, a physical separator to remove oils, grease, and sediment is installed in the drainage pathway; however, its presence does not exclude the well as being a MVWDW.

Construction of new MVWDWs is not allowed and existing MVWDWs must be evaluated to determine potential sub-surface impacts due to its use. Please contact the UIC Program for assistance in determining if a feature qualifies as a MVWDW. For additional information, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 10 MVWDW Information webpage.

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