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Active Irrigation Organizations

Organization NameMap
A & B Irrigation DistrictMap
Aberdeen Springfield Canal CoMap
Alpha Ditch CoMap
American Falls Reservoir District #2Map
Arcadia Reservoir & Canal Co LtdMap
Armacost Investments LllpMap
Bacon Valley Ditch CoMap
Ballentyne Ditch Co LtdMap
Bannock Jim Slough Canal CoMap
Baseline Canal Co; Baseline Pump Assn # 2Map
Battle Creek Irrigation CoMap
Bayview Water Coop Water Users AssnMap
Bee Line Water Assn IncMap
Bell Rapids Mutual Irrigation Co/State Of IdahoMap
Bench Ditch Irrigation CoMap
Bennington Irrigation CoMap
Bennington Water System IncMap
Big Bend Irrigation & Mining CoMap
Big Bend Irrigation District – OregonMap
Big Flat Ditch CoMap
Big Lost River Irrigation DistrictMap
Big Wood Canal CoMap
Bilbrey Ditch Co LtdMap
Black Canyon Irrigation DistrictMap
Blackfoot Irrigation CoMap
Blackfoot Younie Ditch CoMap
Blaine County Canal CoMap
Bloomington Irrigation CoMap
Boise City Canal CoMap
Boise Kuna Irrigation DistrictMap
Boise Project Board of ControlMap
Boise Valley Irrigation Ditch CoMap
Boom Creek Canal CoMap
Boulder Irrigation CoMap
Boulder Meadows Irrigation IncMap
Brundage Water Users Assn IncMap
Bruneau Buckarooo Coop Ditch CoMap
Burgess Canal & Irrigating CoMap
Burley Irrigation DistrictMap
Butler Island Canal CoMap
Butte & Market Lake Canal CoMap
Cambridge Ditch CoMap
Canyon County Water Co LtdMap
Canyon Creek Canal Co IncMap
Canyon Creek Lateral Ditch AssnMap
Canyon Ditch CoMap
Canyon Hill Irrigation DistrictMap
Capitol View Irrigation IncMap
Cedar Canal CoMap
Cedar Mesa Reservoir & Canal CoMap
Challis Irrigation CompanyMap
Cheapbeck Water CoMap
Cherry Grove Canal CoMap
Chester Canal & Irrigating Co LtdMap
Chesterfield Canal & Reservoir CoMap
City Of RigginsMap
Clark & Edwards Canal CoMap
Clearwater Water DistrictMap
Clifton Irrigating CoMap
Colson Creek Irrigation CoMap
Comeback Bay Water Assn IncMap
Conant Creek Canal CoMap
Consolidated Farmers Canal Co LtdMap
Consolidated Irrigation CoMap
Corbett Slough Ditch CoMap
Crane Creek Reservoir Administration BoardMap
Cub River Irrigation CoMap
Curlew Irrigation & Reservoir CoMap
Curley Creek Water AssnMap
Dalton Gardens Irrigation DistrictMap
Deep Creek Irrigation CoMap
Deer Park Water Assn IncMap
Delmore Canal Co LtdMap
Dempsey Irrigating Co; Topaz Irrigation CoMap
Dewey Canal CoMap
Dilts Irrigation Co LtdMap
Dingle Irrigation CoMap
Dry Lake Canal CoMap
Eagle Creek Irrigation CoMap
East Fork Ditch Co LtdMap
East Greenacres Irrigation DistrictMap
East Side Ditch CoMap
East Weiser Irrigation District; Weiser City Ditch & Irrigation CoMap
Eastern Idaho Water CoMap
Easy Livin Acres Water AssnMap
Egin Bench Canals IncMap
Emmett Irrigation DistrictMap
Enterprise Ditch CoMap
Enterprise Irrigation DistrictMap
Enterprize Canal Co LtdMap
Eureka Ditch Co No 2Map
Eureka Water CoMap
Fairview Acres Water Users Assoc IncMap
Falls Irrigation DistrictMap
Farm Development CorpMap
Farmers Canal Water Users AssnMap
Farmers Cooperative Ditch CoMap
Farmers Cooperative Irrigation Co LtdMap
Farmers Friend Irrigation Co LtdMap
Farmers Land & Irrigation CorpMap
Farmers Union Ditch Company LtdMap
Fish Creek Irrigating CoMap
Fish Creek Irrigation District IncMap
Fish Haven Water Users CoMap
Five Mile Irrigation CoMap
Fox Creek Canal CoMap
Franklin Ditch CoMap
Fremont Madison Irrigation DistrictMap
Garden Creek Irrigation CoMap
Garden Water Co LtdMap
Gem Irrigation DistrictMap
Gentile Valley Irrigation Co LtdMap
Georgetown Irrigation CoMap
Gini Ditch Co IncMap
Glencoe Irrigation CoMap
Global Ag Properties Ii Usa LlcMap
Gold Fork Irrigating Co LtdMap
Golden Gate Irrigation DistrictMap
Goose Creek Irrigation DistrictMap
Goose Lake Reservoir CoMap
Grand Teton Canal Co LtdMap
Grand Teton Pipeline AssnMap
Grand View Irrigation DistrictMap
Grandview Mutual Canal CoMap
Granite Twin Lakes Water UsersMap
Grays Creek Meadows Ditch CoMap
Green Acre Canal Company LlcMap
Grimmett Black Otter Irrigation CoMap
Haas Ditch CoMap
Haden Irrigating Canal Co LtdMap
Harrison Canal & Irrigation CoMap
Hart Davis Ditch Co IncMap
Henderson Creek Spring Water UsersMap
Hilltop Water AssnMap
Hornet Creek Water Storage Assn LtdMap
Hot Springs Ditch CoMap
Idaho Irrigation DistrictMap
Independent Irrigation CoMap
Independent Water Users Of Mud Lake IncMap
Indian Cove Irrigation DistrictMap
Indian Creek Ranch Owners Association IncMap
Institute Canal Co IncMap
Island Highline Ditch CoMap
Island Irrigation CoMap
Island Ward Canal CoMap
Kane Ramey Ditch CoMap
King Hill Irrigation DistrictMap
Kite Nord Canal CoMap
Labelle Irrigating CoMap
Lake Creek Meadows Homeowners Assn IncMap
Lake Irrigation DistrictMap
Lake Reservoir CoMap
Last Chance Canal Co LtdMap
Last Chance Ditch CoMap
Lava Irrigation Co LtdMap
Leigh Creek Canal CoMap
Lenroot Canal CoMap
Letha Irrigation & Water Co IncMap
Level Canal Co IncMap
Lewiston Orchards Irrigation DistrictMap
Liberty Hillside Canal CoMap
Liberty Park Irrigation Co IncMap
Liberty Town Canal CoMap
Lindsey Creek Water Assn IncMap
Little Butte Irrigation Co LtdMap
Little Valley Mutual Irrigation CoMap
Little Valley Reservoir & Ditch CoMap
Little Weiser Irrigation DistrictMap
Little Willow Irrigation DistMap
Little Wood River Irrigation DistrictMap
Long Island Irrigation CoMap
Lost Valley Reservoir CoMap
Lowder Slough Canal CoMap
Lower Centerpoint Ditch CoMap
Lower Payette Ditch CoMap
Mace Catlin Ditch CoMap
Mahala Ditch CoMap
Malad Valley Irrigation CoMap
Mann Creek Irrigation DistrictMap
Maple Canyon Creek Water AssnMap
Marsh Center Irrigating CoMap
Mason Creek Ditch CoMap
Mc Cammon Ditch Co LtdMap
Mc Connel Island Ditch Co LtdMap
Mc Kinley Heights Coop Water AssnMap
Middle Valley Ditch CorpMap
Middleton Irrigation Assn Inc; Middleton Mill Ditch CoMap
Mill Canyon North Canal CoMap
Milner Irrigation DistrictMap
Minidoka Irrigation DistrictMap
Mink Creek Irrigation CoMap
Mission Creek Water Assn IncMap
Monroe Creek Irrigation DistrictMap
Montour Farmers Ditch CoMap
Montpelier Irrigation CoMap
Moravia Water AssnMap
Mountain Home Irrigation DistrictMap
Mountain Springs Water CorpMap
Mud Creek Water Users AssnMap
Mud Lake Water Users IncMap
Nampa & Meridian Irrigation DistrictMap
Natural Mineral Water CoMap
Nelson Ditch CoMap
Nesbitt Mc Farland Cooperative Ditch CoMap
New Dry Creek Ditch CoMap
New Lavaside Ditch Co LtdMap
New Sweden Irrigation DistrictMap
New Union Ditch Co LtdMap
New York Irrigation DistrictMap
Neyman Subdivision Number One WaterusersMap
Noble Ditch CoMap
North Bench Water Assn IncMap
North Fork Reservoir CoMap
North Fremont Canal Systems IncMap
North Rigby Irrigation & Canal Co IncMap
North Side Canal Company LtdMap
Norton Ditch CoMap
Oakley Canal CoMap
Opaline Irrigation DistrictMap
Osgood Canal Co IncMap
Oxford Reservoir & Irrigation CoMap
Pahsimeroi Irrigation DistMap
Paris Relief Canal CoMap
Parks & Lewisville Irrigation Co IncMap
Parsons Ditch CoMap
Peg Leg Island Irrigation CoMap
Peoples Canal & Irrigation CoMap
Pincock Garner Ditch AssnMap
Pioneer Ditch CoMap
Pioneer Ditch Co LtdMap
Pioneer Dixie Ditch CoMap
Pioneer Irrigation & Mfg CoMap
Pioneer Irrigation DistrictMap
Pleasant Valley Irrigation Co LtdMap
Poor Boy Ditch Co IncMap
Pope Ditch CoMap
Portneuf Irrigating CoMap
Portneuf Marsh Valley Canal Co LtdMap
Preston Montpelier Irrigation CoMap
Progress Irrigating Co IncMap
Progressive Irrigation DistrictMap
Rainbow Farms Ditch CoMap
Read Lane Irrigation Co LlcMap
Ream Crockett Irrigation CoMap
Reed Ditch CoMap
Reflection Ridge Estates Water AssocationMap
Reid Canal CoMap
Rexburg Irrigation CoMap
Reynolds Irrigation DistrictMap
Rigby Canal & Irrigating Co IncMap
River Flat Ditch CoMap
Riverdale Canal CoMap
Riverdale Irrigating CoMap
Riverdale Preston Irrigation CoMap
Riverside Canal CoMap
Riverside Irrigation DistrictMap
Robertson Sevey Ditch CoMap
Roseberry Irrigation DistrictMap
Roxana Canal CoMap
Rudy Irrigation Canal Co LtdMap
Rushville Irrigation CoMap
Sagle Valley Water & Sewer DistrictMap
Salem Union Canal Co LtdMap
Salmon River Canal Company LtdMap
Samaria Lake Irrigating CoMap
Samaria Water & Irrigation CoMap
Saurey Sommer Canal CoMap
Schneider Subdivision Water AssnMap
Secluded Acres Estates Water AssnMap
Settlers Irrigation DistrictMap
Sheep Creek Irrigation Co IncMap
Siebenberg Cooperative Ditch Co LtdMap
Skinner Irrigation CoMap
Smith Maxwell Ditch CoMap
Snake River Irrigation DistrictMap
Snake River Valley Irrigation DistrictMap
Sonsie Subdivision Water AssnMap
Sorenson Rinehart Ditch CoMap
South Boise Mutual Irrigation Co LtdMap
South Boise Water CoMap
South Elmore Irrigation CoMap
South Liberty Irrigation & Mfg CoMap
South Side Bruneau Canal Co LtdMap
South Side Water CoMap
Southeast Idaho Canal CoMap
Southfield Ditch & Canal CoMap
Southfield Irrigation CoMap
Southwest Irrigation DistrictMap
Spring & Lower N Leigh Creek Water UsersMap
Squaw Creek Ditch CoMap
Squaw Creek Irrigation DistrictMap
Squirrel Creek Irrigation & Canal Co LtdMap
St Charles Irrigation CoMap
St John Irrigating CoMap
Stewart DitchMap
Stewart Ditch CoMap
Strong Arm Reservoir Irrigation CompanyMap
Strongarm Irrigation DistrictMap
Strongarm Reservoir Irrigation DistrictMap
Sublett Irrigation CoMap
Sunny Acres Water SystemMap
Sunnydell Irrigation DistrictMap
Sunnyside Ditch CoMap
Tanner Beckstead Ditch CoMap
Taylor Canal Co IncMap
Teton Irrigation & Mfg CoMap
Teton Island Feeder Canal CoMap
Teton Pipeline Assn IncMap
Teton West Irrigation Co IncMap
Texas Slough Irrigating Canal CoMap
Thatcher Irrigation CoMap
The Lone Spring Water Co LtdMap
The Palisade Irrigation Co IncMap
The United Canal Co – Danskin Ditch CoMap
The United Canal Co -Trego Ditch CoMap
Three Mile Creek Irrigation CoMap
Thurman Mill Ditch Co LtdMap
Topaz Irrigation CoMap
Toponce Canal Co LtdMap
Trail Creek Sprinkler Irrigation CoMap
Treasureton Irrigation CoMap
Triangle Irrigation DistrictMap
Trow Creek Water AssnMap
Twin Falls Canal CoMap
Twin Lakes Canal CoMap
Twin Lakes Reservoir & Irrigation Co LtdMap
United States Ditch CoMap
United States Of America TrusteeMap
Upper Center Point Ditch CoMap
Upper Grand View Canal CoMap
Upper Wood River Water Users Assn IncMap
Valleyview Subdivision Water AssnMap
Warm Creek Irrigation CoMap
Warm Springs Ditch CoMap
Warner Ditch CoMap
Watson Canal CoMap
Wearyrick Ditch CoMap
Weiser Irrigation DistrictMap
West Cache Irrigation Co IncMap
West Fork Irrigation CoMap
West Indian Cove Water Co IncMap
West Labelle Irrigation Co LtdMap
West Reynolds Irrigation DistrictMap
Weston Creek Irrigation CoMap
Wilder Irrigation DistrictMap
Wilford Irrigation & Mfg CoMap
Williams Irrigation CoMap
Wood River Valley Irrigation District #45Map
Woodmansee Johnson Canal CoMap
Woodville Canal CoMap
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