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Active Groundwater Districts

Groundwater DistrictDate DesignatedMap
American Falls-Aberdeen AreaJune 10, 1996Map
Big Lost RiverNovember 14, 2016Map
BinghamAugust 8, 1996Map
Bonneville-JeffersonFebruary 1, 2000Map
Carey ValleyNovember 14, 2006Map
GalenaNovember 16, 2015Map
Jefferson ClarkNovember 27, 2006Map
MadisonMay 26, 1999Map
Magic ValleyFebruary 12, 1996Map
North SnakeFebruary 6, 1996Map
Raft RiverNovember 20, 2006Map
South ValleyMay 27, 2015Map
Henry's ForkNovember 7, 2017Map
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