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Rathdrum Prairie CAMP Process

Framework Development

Within the context of long-range planning, IWRB studied what might influence water supply and demand during the 50 year planning time horizon. Topics studied included climate change impacts, population changes, and social needs. The study results were incorporated into strategies for adapting to change and to scale.

IWRB hired Collaborative Processes® to provide professional facilitation services and to assist in the public participation process. General guidelines for the Rathdrum Prairie CAMP were:

  • The process will be open and public.
  • The plan will be comprehensive, but will have sideboards.
  • The plan framework will include interim measures that might be implemented before a comprehensive plan is final.
  • The plan will address aquifer management goals; the management level designed to adjust water demand, and legally and administratively define available water supply; and, funding mechanisms for implementation of management alternatives.
  • The context for the plan framework includes legal constraints and precedents; technical and modeling tools; and, existing studies and plans.

Advisory Committee

In December 2009, IWRB established the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer Advisory Committee and appointed industry representatives. The facilitators completed a situation assessment which identified issues and concerns by interviewing a broad group of interests. The committee had a unique opportunity to develop solutions that were consistent with the interests of water users and local interests in the Rathdrum Prairie region, and they were charged with collaboratively developing acceptable aquifer management proposals for public review and IWRB decision making.

At LargeAndy Dunau
At LargeJonathan Mueller
Business, Real Estate & DevelopmentBruce Cyr
Business, Real Estate & DevelopmentKermit Kiebert
ConservationAl Isaacson
ConservationKevin Lewis (resigned)
Local GovernmentDale Peck
Local GovernmentJim Markley
Local GovernmentMichael Neher
Local GovernmentTodd Tondee
Natural Resource IndustriesHal Keever
Natural Resource IndustriesMike Clary
TribesPhil Cernera
UtilitiesBruce Howard
Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesKen Windram
Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesPaul Klatt
Water ProvidersAlan Miller
Water ProvidersMike Galante
Water ProvidersRon Wilson
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