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Mountain Home Air Force Base Sustainable Water Supply Project

The MHAFB currently relies on groundwater for its water supply, but diverts its water from a critical declining aquifer. The IWRB intends to develop a pipeline and water treatment facility to deliver water from the Snake River to the MHAFB as an alternate water supply to their existing use of groundwater. In 2014, with support from the Governor and Idaho State Legislature, IWRB purchased senior Snake River water rights from the Simplot Corporation to provide a water supply to the MHAFB. 

The surface water will be diverted out of the C.J. Strike Reservoir and delivered to the MHAFB where it will be treated and used for municipal purposes on the base. The IWRB is expected to retain the senior water rights and enter into a water utility service agreement with the MHAFB for the delivery of the municipal water. 

The IWRB will undertake the financing, design, construction, and maintenance methods to bring the project to fruition. The Governor’s office, the State Legislature, and the IWRB recognize and are committed to supporting the MHFAB as a $1 Billion annual economic generator in the local Idaho economy.

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