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Current Topics

Amended Snake River Basin Moratorium Order – On October 21, 2022, the Department issued an amended moratorium order expanding the existing Eastern Snake River Plain Moratorium.

View the order here: Amended Snake River Basin Moratorium Order

For more information, visit IDWR’s Moratorium Orders and News Release pages, or contact IDWR’s Water Rights Section at (208) 287-4800.

Lemhi Basin

File an Application for Lemhi Basin Streamflow Maintenance Online: File an Application for a New Water Right

For more information, visit the Lemhi Basin Comprehensive Settlement Agreement page, or contact IDWR’s Water Rights Section at (208) 287-4800.

Upper Salmon River Water District 170 Proposed Expansion – On August 17, 2022, the Department issued a preliminary order expanding, modifying, combining, and abolishing water districts in the Upper Salmon River Basin.

Preliminary Order Expanding, Modifying, Combining, and Abolishing Water Districts

For more information, visit the Active Districts page, Water District 170, or contact IDWR’s Water Distribution Section at (208) 287-4800.

Big Wood River Ground Water Management Area – On May 17, 2022, the Department issued an order suspending further action on certain applications to appropriate water in the Big Wood River Groundwater Management Area.

BWRGWMA Notice of Moratorium

For more information:

IDWR Moratorium Orders

Big Wood Ground Water Management Area Advisory Committee

North Idaho Water UsersIDWR is sending out commencement notices for the Clark Fork – Pend Oreille (CFPRB) Adjudication in 5 mailing groups through 2022.

  • File Online – The new online portal to file an Adjudication Claim or submit a Water Right Application for Permit is now available. Printable forms are available here.

For more information:

Northern Idaho Adjudication Brochure

IDWR Rulemaking

2022/2023 Rulemaking

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