Rathdrum Prairie Comprehensive Aquifer Management Planning

Framework Development


Within the context of long-range planning, the Board undertook studies looking at what may influence water supply and demand during the 50 year planning time horizon. A study of climate change impacts was conducted as part of the CAMP and results were incorporated into strategies for adapting to change. Future demands for water resources, such as population changes and social needs, were also studied to help determine the scale of strategies which may need to be developed.

The Board hired Collaborative Processes® to provide professional facilitation services and to assist in the public participation process. General guidelines for the RP CAMP are:

  1. The process will be open and public
  2. Plan will be comprehensive but have sideboards
  3. Plan framework should include interim measures that may be implemented before a comprehensive plan is final
  4. Plan should address
    1. Aquifer Management Goals
    2. Level of management designed to adjust water demand, and legally and administratively define available water supply
    3. Funding mechanisms for implementation of management alternatives
  5. Context for the plan framework
    1. Legal constraints and precedents
    2. Technical/modeling tools
    3. Existing studies and plans