Idaho Water Resource Board's Applications for Managed Aquifer Recharge in the Upper Snake River Basins

On March 20, 1998 the Board filed 19 applications for managed aquifer recharge. Protests were filed on all 19 applications. The contested case did not move forward. In 2012 the Department reinitiated the processing of the numerous water right applications, including the Board's applications. Director Spackman held a status conference on May 22, 2012. On January 15, 2013, following a series of outreach meetings between the Board and interested parties that spanned the latter half of 2012, the Board resubmitted the original 19 applications for recharge. Four of the water right applications were resubmitted unmodified. The remaining original 15 applications were revised, consolidated into four applications, and resubmitted to the Department. Information regarding each of the applications is available below by following the links established for each number.

Active Applications

Unmodified Applications:  
Renumbered and Consolidated:  

Previously filed applications which are now consolidated:

Previously Numbered as:         Now:
1-7131, 1-7132, 1-7136,
1-7137, 1-7139, 1-7140,
1-7133, 1-7134, 1-7135   1-10612
1-7143   1-10609
21-7574, 21-7575, 21-7576,

Related Information - Aquifer Recharge Districts

Aquifer Recharge Districts are created by order of the Director of IDWR upon petition by water right holders within proposed area. These districts are created for purpose of raising assessments to manage and conduct recharge facilities or projects, and they are similar to Irrigation Organizations in method of creation and organization. See Idaho Code Chapter 42, Title 42 for more information.