Rathdrum Prairie CAMP Advisory Committee

The Idaho Water Resource Board (Board) established the advisory committee in December of 2009. The facilitators completed a situation assessment which identified issues and concerns by interviewing a broad group of interests.

The Committee has had a unique opportunity to develop solutions that are consistent with the interests of water users and local interests in the Rathdrum Prairie region. The Committee was charged with collaboratively developing acceptable aquifer management proposals for public review and Board decision making.

As of December 14, 2009, the IWRB appointed the following representatives to the advisory committee:

Category Representative
Water Providers Mike Galante
Ron Wilson
Alan Miller
Wastewater Treatment Facilities Paul Klatt
Ken Windram
Utilities Bruce Howard
Natural Resource Industries Hal Keever
Mike Clary
Business, Real Estate & Development Kermit Kiebert
Bruce Cyr
Tribes Phil Cernera
Local Government Michael Neher
Jim Markley
Dale Peck
Todd Tondee
At Large Andy Dunau
Jonathan Mueller
Conservation Kevin Lewis (resigned)
Al Isaacson